Dapro Laces - Flat

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Dapro Laces - Flat


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Introducing Dapro Laces Flat - the perfect fusion of style and security. These black shoelaces, 130cm in length, are designed to elevate the look of your footwear while ensuring a secure fit.

Crafted for both fashion and functionality, these laces provide a stylish accent to your shoes. The flat design adds a touch of modern sophistication. Upgrade your footwear with Dapro Laces Flat, the ideal choice for those who appreciate both style and safety.

Your Safety Shop welcomes you to explore the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Step securely and stylishly with Dapro Laces Flat!

  • Color: Black
  • Length: 130cm
  • Type: Flat


Marke: Dapro
Geschlecht: Unisex

Artikelcode: 01/05/016
Farbe: Schwarz/Schwarz

Versand innerhalb: von 24 Stunden, an Werktagen (Lagerware)

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