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Hearing Protection from Your Safety Shop

Do you work in a noisy environment or with machines that produce higher noise levels? Take care of your hearing and ensure good hearing protection at your workplace. Your ears undergo a lot of strain when regularly exposed to noise. Sound protection can prevent permanent damage such as ringing or buzzing. The professional hearing protection, like ear defenders of earplugs, from Your Safety Shop feel comfortable and are easy to wear for extended period. The earplugs are also suitable for individuals who wear glasses.

Why buy professional hearing protection?

As an employee, wearing hearing protection in the workplace is mandatory if you are exposed to sounds louder than 85 dB(A). However, noise-induced hearing loss is a risk at sounds of 80 dB(A) or higher. Therefore, according to labor laws, employers must offer hearing protection from this threshold onwards. Damage to your hearing is often irreversible. For anyone dealing with noise or loud sounds at work, wearing good ear protection is an absolute necessity.

The benefits of Your Safety Shop

At Your Safety Shop, you'll find affordable hearing protection for professional use. Additionally, you can enjoy various other benefits:

  • Your hearing protection will be shipped within 24 hours on business days (if in stock)
  • With an account with a VAT number, 10% discount on the entire range
  • Free returns within 30 days

The range of work hearing protection

Your Safety Shop offers the ideal ear defenders and earplugs for noise reduction in light work or light industry. Think, for example, of ear protection for construction and industry. The earplugs are easy to insert and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Smaller quantities of earplugs

You can order a set of Deltaplus earplugs from Your Safety Shop starting from 10 pairs. The plugs are made of polyurethane and are ideal for protecting your hearing during work. The earplugs are certified EN352-2 and provide very good protection with SNR 36 dB(A).

Handy dispenser with a large quantity of earplugs

Prefer to order a larger stock of earplugs? Choose the convenient earplug dispenser from Deltaplus with a whopping 500 earplugs. The dispenser can stand or be wall-mounted. It allows you to easily and hygienically grab earplugs.

Buying hearing protection

Buying hearing protection is quick and easy at Your Safety Shop. Additionally, you'll find all the necessary personal protective equipment for a hazardous workplace, from work overalls to fall protection and from safety shoes to head protection. Select the items of your choice, choose the right quantity and size, and complete your order. Are you a business customer with a VAT number? Create an account and receive a standard 10% discount on the entire range.

Questions? We're happy to assist

Do you have questions about a product, specific delivery requests, or want to know more about our services or support? Contact us, and we're happy to assist. You can reach us by phone at +31104432337. Prefer to send an email? You can do so via online@yoursafety.biz. Our specialists are here to help you!

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