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Safety Harness at Your Safety Shop

Safety harnesses are crucial for workers performing tasks at heights, such as construction, maintenance, and rescue operations. These harnesses provide reliable fall protection and help prevent serious injuries, allowing employees to work confidently and safely at elevated locations.

At Your Safety Shop, you'll find high-quality safety harnesses. Your safety is our priority, which is why we offer fall protection gear that is optimal for the conditions in which you work. Additionally, at Your Safety Shop, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Fast shipping of stock items within 24 hours on weekdays.
  • Free returns within 30 days.
  • We also offer shipping options to other continents.

Customized fit and comfort

Safety harnesses are designed with adjustable fits to meet the individual needs of workers and to provide comfort during extended use. Padded straps and breathable materials ensure a comfortable experience even during intensive work at heights.

The harnesses are made of high-quality, durable materials such as polyester, nylon, or Kevlar, capable of withstanding heavy loads and wear. The robust construction and reinforced stitching ensure reliability and long-lasting protection in demanding environments.

Safety EN 361

Safety harnesses come equipped with various attachment points, such as D-rings and loops, which serve as anchors for fall protection equipment like fallines and fall arresting devices. These ensure that workers are securely and safely attached at all times while working at heights.

All safety harnesses comply with strict safety standards and regulations, such as the European standard EN 361, to ensure they provide effective protection and reliability in emergency situations. Compliance with these standards is essential for a safe working environment.

Questions about fall protection? Contact Us

Do you have questions about harnesses or need assistance in choosing the right fall protection? Don't hesitate to contact us at +31104432337 or send an email to Our team of experts is ready to help you find the perfect safety solution for your needs.

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