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    Sacobel Welding Gloves Split Leather
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Buy Welding Gloves at Your Safety Shop

Welding gloves are an essential component of safety gear for welders in various industries. These work gloves are specifically designed to provide protection against the hazards of welding, with key features including durability, heat resistance, and maintaining dexterity to ensure the safety and comfort of the wearer.

Heat and flame resistance work gloves

One of the primary functions of welding gloves is to provide protection against heat and flames generated during welding processes. They are made from materials such as leather, Kevlar, or aluminized fabric, which act as a barrier against extreme temperatures, thus preventing burns and injuries to hands and wrists.

Maintaining dexterity

Despite their robust construction, welding gloves are designed to maintain dexterity, allowing welders to handle welding equipment and materials with precision and control. Ergonomic designs and flexible materials ensure that welders can maintain a firm grip on their tools without compromising comfort or safety.

Protection against splatters and sparks with welding gloves

Welding gloves also offer protection against sparks, splatters, and molten metal particles produced during welding. Reinforced seams and multi-layer construction help prevent hot particles from penetrating the glove, reducing the risk of burns and abrasions to hands and arms.


Durability is a crucial feature of welding gloves, as they are subjected to intensive use in demanding work environments. High-quality materials and sturdy constructions ensure that welding gloves withstand daily wear and tear, providing long-lasting protection and reliability for welders. In addition to durability, comfort is also crucial for welders who often spend long hours performing welding tasks. Welding gloves are designed to strike a balance between protection and comfort, with features such as padded palms, moisture-wicking linings, and adjustable cuffs for a secure and comfortable fit.

Safety Standards

Welding gloves must comply with relevant industry standards and regulations to ensure adequate protection for welders. By choosing gloves that meet these standards, employers can provide their workers with the necessary protection and peace of mind on the job. Looking for more workwear that protects during welding? Check out our welding clothing, welding shoes, and welding accessories for optimal protection.

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