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ESD shoes

It is important to maintain safety in the workplace, especially in professions where risks and dangers are present. Wearing the correct ESD safety shoes is therefore very important for the safety of employees. ESD shoes are specially designed to provide the best protection. Take a look at our range of ESD shoes.

Why buy ESD shoes at Your Safety shop?

Want to buy ESD shoes at Your Safety Shop? Then you benefit from the following benefits:

  • Stock items shipped within 24 hours on business days
  • 30 days free returns
  • Intercontinental shipping possible

What are ESD safety shoes?

Are you wondering what ESD shoes mean? Electrostatic discharge (ESD) refers to the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects, caused by contact, a short circuit or an arc. Static electricity is created when non-conductive materials, such as a shoe sole and a floor surface, touch each other. The amount of static electricity stored in your body depends on materials, clothing, weather and indoor climate, but reaches its highest levels when humidity is low.

Why buy ESD shoes?

In many industries, such as oil and gas production, protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) is crucial for several reasons. ESD poses significant risks in these environments:

  • Fire and explosion hazard: Offshore installations deal with flammable materials. ESD can ignite these substances, which can lead to fire or explosions, cause serious damage to equipment and infrastructure, and endanger human life.
  • Equipment Damage: Sensitive electronic devices and control systems used in industrial activities are highly sensitive to ESD. Even small spills can degrade or destroy these critical components, leading to system failures and operational disruptions.
  • Operational Safety: Malfunction of vital equipment due to ESD can compromise the safety and reliability of operations at sea, leading to potential accidents, environmental hazards or production shutdowns.
  • Financial loss: Repairing or replacing damaged equipment due to ESD incidents can be costly and lead to downtime, affecting productivity and causing financial losses to a business.

Don't take any risks and protect yourself with ESD shoes!

The range of ESD safety shoes at Your Safety Shop

At Your Safety Shop we offer a wide range of ESD shoes. Think about:

  • ESD safety shoes
  • ESD safety shoes S3
  • ESD boots
  • ESD safety shoes women
  • ESD safety shoes men
  • Work shoes ESD

Choice of ESD boots

More and more companies require employees to wear approved ESD work shoes. When choosing work shoes for your customers, your employees or yourself, take into account the difference between anti-static footwear and approved ESD shoes.

Antistatic ESD shoes

Antistatic ESD shoes dissipate static electricity, but have relatively low conductivity. The user will therefore accumulate a greater amount of static electricity in the body. The electrical resistance is between 0.1 MΩ and 1000 MΩ, which is far above the standards for approved ESD shoes.

approved ESD shoes

approved ESD shoes ensure a continuous discharge of static electricity. The conductivity is significantly higher than anti-static safety shoes, meaning the user absorbs a minimum amount of static electricity. According to standards, the electrical resistance must be between 0.1 MΩ and 100 MΩ (EN 61340-4-3) or 0.1 MΩ and 35 MΩ (EN 61340-5-1). ESD-approved shoes are always marked with the yellow ESD symbol.

ESD safety shoes standards at Your Safety Shop

At Your Safety Shop, the development of ESD shoes with electrostatic discharge (ESD) is an area of focus in product development, production and advisory services to our customers. As part of our quality assurance, we test our shoes in international industrial companies with strict requirements for shoes that meet the ESD standard EN 61340-4-3 or EN 61340-5-1 – even when the humidity is low. Whatever your needs, we are here to help you find just the right ESD steel toe shoes for your business.

Do you have any questions about ESD shoes? Contact us

Do you have questions about S3 safety shoes or do you need help choosing the right shoes? Please feel free to contact us at +31104432337 or send an email to Our specialists are ready to help you.

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